Passionate, experienced and fiercely committed to client success


Our team comprises professional resources who work in integrated teams to deliver outstanding results for our clients. There are three types of team resources: WDScott consultants, accredited contractors, and representatives of business partners. 

WDScott Consultants

Projects are led by WDScott consultants, who arrange and tailor each project to the needs of the client and provide ongoing engagement leadership and client relationship management. Part of the tailoring role is to establish the best mix of resources give the nature of the project, drawing on accredited contractors and business partners as well as internal client resources.

Our WDScott consultants are an experienced group of professionals with a range of educational backgrounds – from management to engineering to the arts – and have led significant engagements for clients across a range of industry sectors as well as the public sector. Our senior team has worked in all the major centres of Australia, across the Asia Pacific region, in the UK/Europe and the USA.

Accredited contractors

We have an extensive list of contractors across a range of geographies who are a key part of our expanded team and who work with us on engagements, using our methods and frameworks. These accredited contractors are selected because they offer skills that complement and extend those of our WDScott consultants or because have highly specialised skills that are not required for every engagement.

Examples of contractors who complement our skills include those who have process design and improvement capability. Examples of highly specialised contractors include those whose focus in on IT architecture, specific analytical skills, specific functional skills and specific industry experience.

Business partners

We have business-to-business relationships with a range of parties who specialise in particular market segments. Two such partners are directly linked as co-owners of WDScott: Mosaic Advisory and Capital and Coriolis.

Mosaic Advisory and Capital is a professional services, management consulting and investment company whose purpose is to make ‘Significant Sustainable & Measurable Difference’ [that is] Economic, Social and Environmental’. Mosaic services a global customer base comprised of a range of industry sectors. They provide expertise, Intellectual Property (including methods and frameworks) and a collaborative network with links to academia and to such forums as the G7.

Coriolis Consulting Group is a professional services firm that specialises in supply chain and operations strategy, planning and execution. Coriolis services clients in the UK and Europe as well as across Australia. Coriolis has significant expertise in the food industry, both production and retail. Their hands-on and agile approach – from strategy and planning down to shop-floor execution – has made tangible impacts on the supply chains and operations of many clients.

Other partners provide services that are both specialised and relevant to the strategy and operational challenges we help our clients face.

Examples of specialist expertise include:

  • IT business management systems
  • Healthcare analytics platform and services
  • Search and HR Advisory
  • Fintech and Regtech solutions
  • Enterprise risk, including cyber security
  • Healthcare change leadership
  • Tool-independent process automation advice